News Society, 30/10/2021

Satellite with Ukrainian Technologies from Kharkiv Launched into Orbit

“Kharkiv FED JSC together with the Center for Technical Physics of the National Zhukovsky Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” developed and manufactured a unique heat exchanger for spacecraft, which is installed on the geostationary telecommunications SES-17 satellite,” states FED JSC on its Facebook page.

On October 23, an Ariane 5 launched SES-17 satellite and SYRACUSE 4A, the French military spacecraft, into space from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana.

The SES-17 satellite, with a total weight of 6.4 tons, was manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, the Franco-Italian company, which ordered a thermoregulatory hydraulic accumulator from Kharkiv. This heat exchanger works on the two-phase principle of cooling and is allowed to provide stable work of onboard electronics of the satellite which differs in extra high power.

Solar panels now generate more than 25 kW, despite the fact that most satellites in orbit have a capacity of only 14 kW.

A tender was announced, as a result of which the Kharkiv enterprise won. It was checked several times for compliance with the Thales Alenia Space company’s requirements.

“Development of the unit started in 2016, and a special workshop was built and unique welding equipment was manufactured,” informs the FED JSC chairman of the board  Viktor Popov.

The device will provide a permanent Internet connection on board aircraft crossing the Atlantic. Crew and passengers will have a constant high-speed Wi-Fi connection during peak hours and on high-traffic routes while optimizing bandwidth.

The thermoregulatory accumulator is used for temperature stabilization of the instruments incorporated in the satellite.

Text: Natalia Ivanova