News, 09/01/2018

State Border Trespassers Detained near Kharkiv

January 7, Kharkiv border guards stopped foreign citizens who were crossing the border with Russia illegally.

The State Border Service of Ukraine reports that in the evening the servicemen of the Kozachya Lopan department discovered a group of four people walking towards the border with Russia.

In a few minutes, the soldiers detained two Georgians, one Azerbaijan citizen and a Ukrainian, who was guiding them. The men were stopped in 200 meters from the borderline.

The materials on the violation were passed to the National Police.

Now the foreigners will be fined for an attempt of illegal crossing of the border. As for the Ukrainian, he will become accountable for transferring persons across the state border. According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, he might be imprisoned for two to five years.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: State Border Service