News Politics, 24/07/2019

Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections: President’s Party Wins in Kharkiv Region

In accordance with the Ukrainian presidential decree of May 21, 2019 “On premature termination of the powers of the Parliament of Ukraine and the appointment of the special elections,” the snap parliamentary elections took place on July 21.

In 14 Kharkiv electoral regional districts, voter turnout amounted to 50.43 percent. According to the voting results, in 12 constituencies, candidates of Sluha Narodu (English: Servant of People) presidential party won by a large margin under the first-wins-the-post system. In electoral district No 174 self-nomination Oleksandr Feldman won. In the electoral district No 176, Dmytro Shentsev from Opposition Block party was elected.

According to the party vote, Sluha Narodu is leading with more than 42 percent followed by Opposition Platform – For Life with about 26 percent, Opposition Block with approximately 8 percent is in third place. Ex-president Petro Poroshenko’s party European Solidarity got about 5 percent of votes.

On July 21, the National Police of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region received 121 reports on violations related to the electoral process. As a result, four criminal proceedings were opened and two administrative protocols were drawn up.

Police opened four criminal proceedings including illegal use of ballot paper, deliberately false report on threats to the safety of citizens, destruction or damage to property and robbery. According to the police, there were no serious violations of public order and public security in the region during the voting.

Overall, according to the Central Electoral Commission with 99.5 percent of ballot boxes opened, five parties overcame the 5-percent hurdle and, correspondingly, get 225 sits in the Parliament. Sluha Narodu is leading with 43.17 percent of votes. Opposition Platform – For Life ranks second with 13.01 percent, all-Ukrainian union Batkivshchina finished third with 8.18 percent, European Solidarity ranks fourth with 8.11 percent and recently created Holos (English: Voice) party led by famous Ukrainian musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk with 5,83 percent encloses the top five. Another 119 parliament members were decided in constituencies by first-wins-the-post system vote. Other 26 seats expect parliament members to be elected as soon as electoral regional districts in the Crimea and the corresponding part of Donbas will be liberated from Russian occupation forces and their proxies.

This time, the voters’ turnout in Ukraine amounted to 49.79 percent which is the lowest total since 1994.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Politeka