News Politics, 04/07/2018

World Draughts Champion from Kharkiv Beats Russian Headed IDF in Court

Monday, July 2, the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, ruled in favor of the famous Ukrainian draughts grandmaster Kharkivite Yuri Anikeev, who, in December 2016, had been lawlessly disqualified for three years by the International Draughts Federation, which board is located in Russia.

The court issued a verdict according to which all IDF claims against the Ukrainian grandmaster are considered void, and his three-year disqualification until December 15, 2019, was canceled completely.

The IDF’s decision indicated that Anikeev violated the IDF Ethics Code, while the world draughts champion argued that the real reason for disqualification was his Ukrainian position delivered on social networks and mass media, where he was critical of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. He also said that Russian players were criticizing his wearing Ukrainian national embroidered shirt – vyshyvanka.

The lawyer Anton Sotir points out that “IDF decision has never been notified to Yuriy, and the reasons were not given, the sanctions were solely based on personal opinions of the IDF Board’s members.”

Therefore CAS confirmed IDF had political reasons for punishing the Ukrainian.

“The CAS  not only canceled the disqualification of Yuri Anikeev, but also ordered the International Federation to bear all the costs of arbitration and pay 5,000 Swiss Francs to Yuriy to compensate his legal and other costs. This is a great victory both for the Ukrainian federation and for each of us,” – said the President of the Draughts Federation of Ukraine Anatoly Yatsenko.

As noted in the CAS decision, the verdict is final and not appealable.



Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Yuriy Anikeev FB