News Society, 26/06/2020

Young Warrior from Kharkiv Region Killed in Donbas

On June 18, Bohdan Kovalenko, call sign Hulliver, a senior soldier of the 54th separate mechanized brigade named after hetman Ivan Mazepa, was killed performing a military task in Donbas. He was only 22 when a sniper’s bullet ended his life.

According to the military commissar of the Kharkiv region Yurii Kalhushkin, Bohdan enlisted in 2017. “At first he was trained at Desna center. Then he joined the 54th separate mechanized brigade. The serviceman professionally performed his military duties. He was a gunner-operator of the brigade’s intelligence unit,” added Kalhushkin.

Bohdan was born in Nova Vodolaha, an urban-type settlement in the Kharkiv region. The head of Nova Vodolaha amalgamated community Oleksandr Yesin informs that the fallen soldier left behind his father and grandmother.

According to Oleksandr Yesin, his classmates and the lyceum’s class teacher, where Bohdan studied for 9 years, remember him as a cheerful and talented boy. “He was keen on Computer Science, PE and handcrafting. Bohdan played soccer. He was also a member of the “Young Lawyer” school group,” recalls Yesin.

On June 21, the senior soldier was buried in his native place. About 300 people including Bohdan’s friends, fellow-villagers, sworn brothers and local officials took part in the grieving ceremony.

He was killed just one month before the end of his tour of duty. After completing his contract, Bohdan wanted to join special forces.

Reference: Bohdan Kovalenko was the third serviceman killed in Donbas in June 2020. On June 13, ensign Leonid Dobryanskyi, from Zhytomyr region who served in the 30th separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Constantine of Ostrog, died from mine explosive trauma in Luhansk region.

On June 17, senior sailor Illia Struk, from the Volodymyr-Volyn region, a combatant of the 503rd separate battalion of the naval infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was killed during enemy shelling in Donetsk region.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Sestra Myloserdya Facebook page,